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Christian Dane
Author of the Ed Vandera
& Marti Ellis Thrillers
The Piedersen Conspiracy
An Ed Vandera and Marti Ellis Thriller Book 1

Now available on Amazon!At first, they thought they were simply the target of a rapidly growing international cybercrime, but soon find out this is only the beginning of a far more complex and potentially deadly threat. Ed Vandera and his PA, Marti Ellis, set out on a journey that has them chasing down the perpetrators across three continents as they find themselves up against the twisted machinations of a mind hell-bent on seeking revenge against the Vandera Shipping dynasty. With the abduction of Ed’s father, Charles, during a business trip to China, a race against time begins. Ed seeks the help of two friends, Gus, an old school pal who now works for the FBI and his ex-Army buddy, Whitey, now an arms dealer in Somalia. The four of them pool their varying skills to make sense of the clues, which unfortunately seem to be at odds with each other, as they attempt to identify and locate whoever is behind the twisted plot and save Charles from an unspecified fate. The closer Ed and Marti come to solving the puzzle, the more desperate the measures their opponents are willing to take as their goal of ending the reign of the Vanderas remains tantalisingly out of reach. The question is whether Ed and Marti can succeed to save either the family or the company before one or other falls victim to the Piedersen Conspiracy.
*Release Date June 2017*

The Waterford Files

An Ed Vandera and Marti Ellis Thriller Book 2

The CEO and VP of R&D of American company, Blackthorpe Developments Inc. are seen boarding a private jet at O'Hare that explodes minutes later over Lake Michigan. As the two men were meant to be nearly three thousand kilometres away in Los Angeles, the question is why were they even there. Someone is running interference with any investigation into the conundrum from a high leve, and even the FBI's enquiry has the plug pulled on it. Philip Jackson, VP of Corporate Affairs at Blackthorn, steps up to the plate as temporary CEO. With a board meeting looming and no answers as to who was behind the two month old accident, or what the motive was, he needs to do so something fast. As the various interested bodies including FBI have their hands tied, he's looking for someone who can fly beneath the radar to solve the mystery. In his newly elevated position as the FBI's VP IT Analysis and Special Projects Development, Gus suggests two unknown faces from outsude the States who might fit the bill. Unsure whether they are making the right decision, Ed and Marti agree to at least meet with Phil Jackson. Soon it is clear this is a case that is far from open and shut, and as more is revealed they are dragged into a complex plot involving political and corporate players at the highest level who will stop at nothing, including murder. The answers may be in The Waterford Files. But what they are, where they are, and what is in them that's worth killing for is going to test Ed and Marti's skills to the limit.
Stanhope Stanilav

Ed Vandera Special Ops Book 1

As with all thrillers the hero, or in this case the heroes, have a back story. Initially, I started a novel about Ed Vandera and his school days, but  was then inspired to write about Ed's later life when he was in Special Ops and Stanhope Stanilav transformed from an idea into a new novel.This will be a free download available later this year . It is set in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad and finds Ed trying to disassemble a subversive organisation set up by ex-British Intelligence defector Stanhope, who has resurfaced as Stanilav. An oligarch billionaire, Anton Lipov, starts showing an interest in both Ed and Stanhope, leaving Ed with more problems than he would like. To find out more, you will have to wait until the book's release.

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