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Christian Dane
Author of the Ed Vandera
& Marti Ellis Thrillers
About the Author
Where it all Began
I have always been an avid reader.  When I first learnt to read I was compulsive, and would read aloud the labels on the jars of jam, or whatever was on the table in front of me. Much to the annoyance of my family. But, I had the bug. Since then, I've developed an eclectic taste for well-written books. Everything from J.R.R. Tolkien to J. K. Rowling to Harlan Coben and James Patterson. My greatest pleasure though has come from new up and coming authors who I have had the honour of working with. Their work may not be as well known, but that doesn't make them any less talented.
The Recommended Reads page gives information about those authors and several of the books they have written. Check them out on Amazon.
Educated in the old Grammar School system leant itself to certain disciplines in form and style. All of which I have to confess I've long forgotten. After leaving college, I spent four years in the Civil Service, working for the MOD, a career choice which did little to improve my writing style as the emphasis was on hyperbole, rather than being succinct. If you wrote something that didn't require a team of experts to understand you had failed in your duty to HM government. 
The bulk of my career was in sales. For many years I was involved  in the secrity printing field, a mine of background for any aspiring writer.
Following a slip and fall accident in 2008 I had to re-evaluate my life. Bedridden for almost two years, my only respite was reading. This spawned my hankering to write my own novel. Something that has taken me five years before I found the inspiration I needed to start. In November 2015 Ed Vandera and BEC, now titled The Piedersen Conspiracy, formulated itself from an FBI article I found on the internet. Now I share my time between editing for other authors; several of whom encouraged me to write my own novel; writing and spending time with my wife, Debs, who has stood beside me through thick and thin.
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