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Christian Dane
Author of the Ed Vandera
& Marti Ellis Thrillers
The Piedersen Conspiracy
Whilst the characters are totally fictitious, many of the events and quirks the characters are loosely based around experiences I have either witnessed, or have read about. The book was initially released with the title BEC, which was the original catalyst for the story. I read an interesting article from the FBI, giving an account of a company who had been duped into sending a large sum of money, in a similar way to Ed, using the business e-mail compromise (BEC) scam. The facts and figures relating to the crime perpetrated in the book are totally fictitious, but the scale of the scam worldwide is as stated.

Starting with that simple story the book began to develop organically. Why a shipping company? I have no idea why I opted for that, but it felt right. Marti wasn't even in the picture as I mapped out the concept, but soon realised she could be a real asset. The book then passed from being an Ed Vandera book, to being an Ed and Marti novel. Hopefully, the two characters are likeable enough to engage you, the reader, and leave you wanting to read the other books in the series. The second is currently taking shape and is due to be published in April 2017.

The other characters came into the plot as it was evident certain issues needed to be addressed, such as where does the heir to a shipping company find a gun in a foreign country. Which is where Whitey came into being. Similarly, as the story developed there was a credibility gap in how they would be able to acquire the knowledge to fit everything together and Gus the computer wizard from the FBI was the ideal candidate.

The school Ed and Gus went to, Mansion School, is based around a real school and is likely to be the location of the back story, which at present is a work in progress. The opening part of the story, currently titled Athelstan's Legacy,  was stolen and used as the opening lines in the prologue. Fortunately, it's not plagiarism when you steal your own words, but it does leave me with a hole at the beginning of the next book.

The bizarre story about the pilot's cases being used by Ed's father whilst he and his hapless wife drove around Europe, is based on a managing director I was fortunate to have been a friend of and his wonderful wife who suffered him in silence. Daphne is also based around a marvelous lady I knew some years ago who was in her late seventies and full of energy.

The remaining characters are purely figments of my imagination, and their quirks and traits exist to develop their individual persona. Whilst many of the locations exist the descriptions and events are at best loose approximations of such places. The various time zones, distances and travel times between places have all been calculated to be theoretically doable.

Book two, The Waterford Files, is well under way and due for release in April. Gus, the computer genius from book one, makes a reappearance as he helps Ed and Marti to become embroiled in a complex plot that has them setting their wits against some of the most powerful men in the world.

Athelstan's Legacy remains a work in progress and has been overtaken by events, and a new novel, Stanhope Stanilav, will be released later this year. The story relates to Ed's time in Special Ops and this particular tale takes place in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad. Stanhope is a former British Intelligence agent who defects and resurfaces with mayhem on his mind as he plans a campaign to disrupt the 2014 Winter Olympics.

I hope you have as much fun reading my books as I have writing them.

I would welcome any thoughts, comments or questions you may have about the book.


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