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Christian Dane
Author of the Ed Vandera
& Marti Ellis Thrillers
Recommended Reads
  1. Tim Stevens has three series of thrillers currently available. The Joe Venn series is based in the U.S. where Joe, an ex-LAPD officer runs his private detective agency and treads a thin line as he plies his trade. John Purkiss is involved in work as a behind the scenes operative getting involved in international espionage and trying to clean up the act for the secret service. His latest novel, Redemption Road, sees Martin Calvary, his third action hero, trying to prevent the most wanted terrorist on the planet from killing hundreds in the Congo. Another fast-paced thriller from a great author.
    Tim Stevens
    #1 Amazon best-selling author
  2. M.Z. Kelly is the quintessential ex-LAPD cop turned author. His Hollywood Alphabet series follows the exploits of Detective Kate Sexton and her partner, Bernie the dog, as they solve murders, kidnaps and other serious crimes in this much acclaimed series. The latest book in the series Hollywood Murder is the best to date. His writing has gotten better as the characters develop. The plots are gripping, with each book seeing them tackle multiple crimes, creating a roller-coaster of action.
    M.Z. Kelly
    #1 Amazon best-selling author
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    Barry Buckingham
    #5 Amazon best-selling author in YA
  4. John is the much acclaimed author of the Frank Miller detective series. Based in Edinburgh, a city John has very much made his own, this series leaves no stone unturned, as Frank and his colleagues track down crimes from the seedier side of town.
    John Carson
    Author of the Frank Miller detective series
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